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We are the best Bubble Sheet Manufacturers in Chennai, Our product range includes a wide range of Aluminum Foil Air Bubble Sheet, Thermal Bubble Sheet and Greenhouse Bubble Sheet.

Air bubble aluminum sheets are radiant heat reflective insulator made of Polyethylene Air bubble Film laminated both sides with Aluminum Foil. It blocks the radiant heat transfer.

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1. Non-toxic and eco friendly

2. Excellent tensile strength resist puncture and tear

3. Transmits negligible water vapour even after 30 days

4. Not affected by petrochemicals and wild acids

5. Highly reflects radiant heat up to 96% to 99%

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Aluminum Foil Air Bubble Sheet
bubble sheet manufacturers in chennai
Usage/ApplicationMetal Building Application
MaterialBubble with both side Aluminium Foil facing
Thickness4 and 8 mm
Size1.25 x 40 m
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