Nitrile Rubber Sheet in Chennai

Pioneers in the industry, we are the best Nitrile rubber sheet manufacturers in Chennai, we offer the best Nitrile Rubber Thermal and Nitrile Rubber Acoustic from India.

Nitrile rubber insulation sheet made of closed-cell, elastomeric nitrile rubber that’s why it is very flexible and versatile insulation. It is resistant to water vapour, oil and most acids due to its closed cell elastomeric insulation. The industry related to Insulation, air-conditioning, plumbing and Hvac Industries are those who use Nitrile rubber Insulation sheet widely. Contact us to get the best Nitrile rubber sheet manufacturer in Chennai

Nitrile Rubber is used in variety of applications like O-rings, Gaskets, printer’s form rollers, oil seals, automotive transmission belts, hoses, V belts, Synthetic leather, disposable non-latex gloves and cable jacketing. We the best Nitrile rubber sheet manufacturer in Chennai use in the preparation of Adhesives or as pigment binder.

Nitrile rubber is safer and more resistant than natural rubber to oils and acids, and has more strength. Just because of that Nitrile gloves are used more than natural rubber gloves due to their puncture resistant nature.



Temperature range: -200 to +115 degree C

Resistance to Oil and Grease: Good

Odour: Negligible

Corrosion risk: pH7 (neutral)

Water Absorption: After 28 days max 0.9%

Resistance to Building Materials: Very Good

It adds more advantage than the Natural Rubber, which can get harden and lose its damping capability.

Other Advantages

1. Fights fungal growth

2. No health hazards will happen

3. Can be easily cleaned

4. Resistant to fire

5. High water vapour diffusion resistance factor

Closed Cell Thermal Application
nitrle rubber dealers in chennai
Usage/ApplicationDuct, Pipe Thermal and Under deck Application
Packaging TypeRoll / Sleeves
Density40 - 60 Kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity0.036 W/m K @ 0 Deg C
Temperature Range116 Deg C to -200 Deg C
MaterialClass O & Class 1
FM Global ApprovalYes
FacingsAluminium Foil,Glass Cloth (IC Clad),AL Clad,IN Clad
Open Cell Acoustic Application
nitrle rubber manufacturers in chennai
Thickness10mm - 50mm
Density140 - 180 Kg/m3
MaterialClass 1
Usage/ApplicationDuct Acoustic, Wall Acoustic & Floor Acoustic
Temperature-200 Deg C to 116 Deg C
Packaging TypeSlab
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