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XPS Insulation also referred to as expanded polystyrene is a closed cell insulation product commonly used in remodelling and construction applications. XPS foam is a rigid insulator that’s also manufactured with polystyrene polymer, but completed using extrusion process, and is often manufactured with different colour to identify the product brand. Due to the manufacturing process, mostly the XPS insulation is available only in standard dimension rectangular or square boards.

The final XPS Insulation product is waterproof, rigid and a perfect material for insulation. Maruthi Engineering Solution the best XPS Insulation Manufacturers in Chennai used XPS commonly for roofing and below grade to insulate the foundation walls and cement slabs.


Advantages of XLPE Insulation Sheet

1. High Elasticity

2. Low water Absorption

3. Excellent thermal Insulator

4. High elasticity and Flexibility

5. Low thermal Conductivity

6. Efficient Auto Condensation

7. Low thermal Conductivity

XPS Extruded Polystyrene Foam Board
xps insulation manufacturers in chennai
Usage/ApplicationOver Deck and Under Deck Application
Packaging TypeSlab
Density28 - 60 Kg/m3
Thermal Conductivity0.027 W/m K @ 0 Deg C
Compressive Strength150 - 800 Kpa
Water Absorption Rate of Soaking Volume<=1.0 %
Thickness25, 50, 100
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